Honoring Don Hutchins

by Don Holt

As his landing craft neared the beach three days after the first wave of the Allied invasion of Normandy in June of 1944, 19-year-old Donald Hutchins leaped into what turned out to be water over his head.   While he struggled back to the surface with an 80-pound pack on his back, German machine guns raked the craft, killing many of the men still aboard. When the big guy everyone called Hutch finally reached the beach, he found a bunch of bullet holes in the back of his pack.

So began Don Hutchins’ 11 months of war. Continue reading

Receiving and Giving the Gift of Christmas

Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday morning, with great eloquence, Eleanor Paulson joined the choir in recounting the story of the Bible as we’ve been telling it throughout the year. That set the stage for the reading from Isaiah 42, a word of hope from God to the people living in exile in Babylon. The hope for Judah was that God was sending the Servant, who would break them or extinguish their flame but would bring justice to all the nations of the earth. We also looked back to a parallel word in chapter 41, which reveals a deep connection between the Servant and the people of God. To be specific, the people of God are called to share in the work of the Servant.

The good news is not just a gift for us to enjoy.  It is our responsibility to share this gift with others.

As we gather for worship this coming Sunday morning, Continue reading

Meet Our Church Family: Tana Tatnall

by Diane Brown

Have you ever noticed Tana Tatnall’s cute Southern accent? She comes by it honestly, having been born and brought up in Dallas, Texas, to parents who divorced shortly after her birth. But she didn’t remain an only child. Her mom remarried and she ended up the oldest of 5 siblings.

Tana grew up in the Church of Christ and made a life-transforming commitment to Jesus her junior year in high school. Before her conversion experience she had suffered from low esteem, but being valued by the Lord changed all that.

Another life-changing experience from her childhood Continue reading

The Healing of Naaman

by Pastor Mike

This past Sunday we reflected on the story often called “The Healing of Naaman” in 2 Kings 5. Most sermons I’ve heard on this passage in the past have reflected mostly on Naaman’s pride, which initially prevented him from washing in the Jordan River per Elisha’s instruction. The point of that sermon: don’t be above what God wants you to do. Good point.

But at this stage of our life today, we are focusing as a community on disciple-making and belonging, and the trajectory of our focus is outward. So, as I reflected on this passage, I asked three questions of us, individually and collectively:  Continue reading

Quantum Physics and Our Vision

by Pastor Mike

Now matters forever. As followers of Jesus, everything that we do now has a forever impact on our lives, our relationships, our workplaces, and our world. Because of that reality, we are focused on flourishing as followers of Jesus Christ, creating a community of belonging, and bringing the love of Christ to the world in all we say and do.

More simply put, we are focusing on two priorities: disciple-making and belonging.

This is our vision. Now, let’s talk morphogenic fields.

We tend to operate by our senses. What is real is what we can taste, touch, smell, hear or feel. And according to our sense, space is not real. It is nothing or it is empty. But scientists say that space is not empty.

It gets better… Continue reading

Now Matters Forever

by Pastor Mike

At the quarterly congregational meeting, we talked about our church’s vision. I shared a parable about two young fish swimming along, when they are passed by an older fish who greets them, “Howdy, boys. How’s the water?” The younger fish swim away and, puzzled, one of them asks the other, “What’s water?” The point of this parable is that we are prone to taking for granted that which is all around us, is most readily available, and matters most.

What drives our vision as a church is steady growth in the conviction that now matters forever. If we believe that now matters forever, Continue reading


by Karl Klockars

Our congregation has elected Jon and Andrea Martin to be two of our delegates to the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church.  In doing so we have recognized a multi generational link to the early days of the Glen Ellyn Mission Covenant Church.  Over the door to the gym is a plaque  Continue reading

Meet Our Church Family: Linda Bretz

by Diane Brown

I didn’t plan this.  I really didn’t.  But here we are at the third interview of our church family, Linda Bretz, and we have yet another homegrown product.  Born to Dick and Marilyn Lauber right here in Wheaton, Linda is the third of four siblings.   (Yes, she is our own Dave Lauber’s sister.)   She attended Wheaton public schools, but when college time rolled around,  Continue reading

He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter to all our readers!

We have journeyed together through a meaningful Holy Week – a week of somber reflection on the events preceding Jesus’ death:  His triumphant entry into Jerusalem; His betrayal by Judas; His Last Supper with the apostles; His arrest, crucifixion and death.  And ultimately we celebrated our Lord’s resurrection and victory over death and God’s saving power.

For those who were homebound or otherwise unable to attend worship services during Holy Week, Dawn Holt Lauber has posted a cappella songs to bring words of love, hope and comfort to all.  Please visit the links below to enjoy God’s healing message, and if you have a loved one who is homebound, share with them as well.

A blessed Easter to all!

Lent Worship Reflections

by Kriste Sveen

During Lent, I read Ken Gire’s book Shaped by the Cross, meditations on the sufferings of Jesus.  Through the photographs of Robert Hupka, Ken Gire examines the magnificent work of Michelangelo’s Pietà.  He explores both the figures of Jesus and of Mary.  The sufferings of Mary are particularly poignant for me at this time as I prepare to let go of my last child.  As I work on the last scrapbook of my last child’s childhood memories, I ponder Ken Gire’s thoughts on Mary’s letting go … Continue reading